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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  April 5, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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supreme injustice. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this week in america, this week that saw the republican-dominated supreme court decide for big money over the people, that saw the republican congress call for cuts in help for the working family and big breaks for corporations, that saw another sledgehammer assault on the country's new health care system by the right wing. a week capsulized by this morning's front page story in "usa today" on the growing $100
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million club of this country's corporate ceos. how far will the right go in punishing the working people while gifting the wealthier with more power and money, more clout to control national policy, more taxes to avoid, more enjoyment in watching the pain inflicted on those at the other end, the people they see as lazy and irresponsible. what a week to see america's political division in clear numerical terms, the right backing every tool for the rich to get richer, opposing every progressive change to save the country's safety net. jonathan capehart is an opinion writer at "the washington post" and an msnbc contributor, and michael tomasky writes brilliantly for the daily beast. gentlemen, i'll tell you, it's an amazing week. and somebody, one of our great producers figured this out. what a great week to put it all together. because the supreme court is celebrating the whole thing.
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and you have "usa today" ending the week by saying guess what? think of all the exciting new members of the $100 million club. meanwhile, people at the bottom, we'll get to the numbers are, not doing so great. >> and the person i should defer to michael because in his piece on the daily beast, he puts it all together, the supreme court decision, the paul ryan budget. and i always forget the third one. what is it? >> their opposition to obamacare. >> oh, obamacare. >> which is redistributive. >> and to my mind, what was so brilliant about what michael wrote today, it puts into perspective what harry reid has been doing for months now, hammering away at the koch brothers. and right now what people can see -- >> what do the koch brothers want? what do they want? they're not boy scouts. they're not turning into the peace corps. they're not doing it for national service. why are they involved in american politics, the koch brothers? what is their approach? >> their own self-interests. >> oil and gas. start with that. >> right, right. that's what they're in for. that's why they're trying to do
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all these things. and to get to my point, by focusing on the koch brothers, by having harry reid hammer them day in and day out for months, everything that happened this week now has a face. >> tell us how you put it all together. it wasn't just our producer. you did a great job at the daily beast today of putting together the combination of the supreme court to have more power for the wealthy. if you need any proof that the rich are getting richer and the rest of the working public is stagnating, look at this new information on page one of today's "usa today." in 2013, just the most recent year, the median national income for full-time workers rose only 1.4%, to approximately $41,000 a year. for ceos at the other end of the stream there, their annual income surged 13% to $510.5 million a year. and as deftly as i said outlining the three events that reveal once again that what matters most to republicans, especially elected republicans in washington is protecting the well off from redistribution of
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their wealth to those who they believe don't deserve it. and look who is helping this along, the supreme court. whose decision this very week puts money above people. here is senator chuck schumer on that decision. >> they wish to dismantle all limits on giving piece by piece until we are back to the days of the robber barons. when anyone or anything could give unlimited money, undisclosed and make our political system seem so rigged that everyone will lose interest in our democracy. >> number two after the supreme court decision, the ryan budget that cuts aid for working people and helps corporations. here is democratic congressional campaign committee chair steve israel on "hardball" just last night. >> with this republican budget, the house republicans are turning their backs on the middle class in order to stack the deck for the special interests. >> and third, the affordable
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care act. it exceeded expectations by deadline day this week, but the republicans still called for its outright repeal. and president obama called them out for that. >> this law is doing what it's supposed to do. it's working. it's helping people from coast to coast. all of which makes the links to which critics have gone to scare people or undermine the law or try to repeal the law without offering any plausible alternative is so hard to understand. i got to admit, i don't get it. why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance? >> well, i think he is using rhetoric there. i think he damn well understands what he is up against. people want to hold on to all the money they make. they don't want to pay any taxes. they don't want anybody to break in to make it in the middle class, because they're there. >> redistribution, chris, that's the key word. that's the heart of the republican party today in this town. >> that's another way of saying i don't want any taxes. >> that's right.
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they don't want any taxes. they don't want any money moved from the top 2% down to the rest of the people, down to the people in the middle, certainly down to the poor. all three of these pieces, obamacare, their opposition to obamacare, they don't want government to do this. they don't want government to do this for people. ryan budget. $5.1 trillion from the domestic discretionary budget, the huge whack at food stamps that makes the one they took this year look like pennies. and the third one, the supreme court, makes it all happen. if they can control the electoral process to that tune, then maybe they can, you know, make sure the fewer redistributionist kind of politicians get elected. >> there is one curiosity here, because all republicans aren't rich. a lot of republicans watching right now are not rich. my parents weren't rich. they were cloth coat republicans, you know. but the economics of the republican party is set in a different way from its own median income voter. >> right.
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and those voters time and time again go to the ballot box and send folks to washington who do -- >> why do they do it? why do cloth coat republicans vote -- >> that's not a question i can answer. i don't know. i don't understand it, because these are people who are clearly voting against their own self-interests. >> the perception, i've been right here. i've been through the numbers that the republicans are looking out for the rich is already baked into the voters. they know this. this february a poll shows just how deeply it's ingrained when you ask where the policies of the democratic party generally favor the rich, the middle class or the poor. here is pretty balanced. 30% say the democratic party is for the rich. 36% believe it's for the middle class. 30% for the poor. but look how they're not mixed for the republicans. 69% say republican policies favor the rich. seven out of ten. 23% say they favor the middle class. just 3% say they favor the poor. who are those people? this impression will be hard to shake. quote, just as bill clinton showed in the early 1990s that he was not beholden to the cultural left, republicans must find ways to show that they're
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not beholden to the oligarchic right, that's a russian term. it's going to be harder for the contemporary gop, the danger of looking like the play thing america's super rich outweighs the benefits. of increased support from america's super rich. here is an argument of logic, which is all the money they're getting from the adelsons, the koch brothers, is that worth being known as the party that hates the 47%, which they're now known as? >> they are. and they will be known as that. >> as long as there is a bar tender with a cell phone who will tape it to the wall when a guy like mitt romney is coming in to speak. >> look, they have other issues through which they get cloth coat republicans to vote for them. and i don't blame cloth coat republicans. if you care deeply about abortion, you think abortion is murder, you're going to vote republican even though you know the republican party is for the rich people and not for you. if your gun is important to you, you'll vote republican. that's fine. it's the democrats' job to make these things clear to people. >> but you're not going to sell them too hard because they don't need help is the clintons. bill clinton was so -- so is
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hillary clinton when they were working together as a team in the '90s, they were so sharp that they would say we're not going to let you divide the country on culture. they made a point of separating themselves from the far left. they weren't part of the rap songs. we're not part of that. and they caused some trouble with jesse jackson over that fight. but they also said we're for people that work hard and play by the rules. we're for people on abortion rights. they want it to be safe, legal and rare. they didn't say outlawed. safe, legal and rare. they were able to say you can be culturally middle of the road or even conservative a bit and vote democrat because we're not against you. they made that and they were very good politicians to make that point. >> who are the clintons of the republican party who are going to step forward and say -- >> who are the clintons of the democratic party right now? >> but we're focused on the republicans. we're focused on the republicans right now. who are the clintons of the republican party who can say to the far right of the base and to the other folks who are in league with the oligarchs. >> i'll give you a couple of names and shoot them down. kasich, who extended medicare, medicaid. he took the chance.
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i would say peter king comes across as a middle class republican. there is a few there. >> there are a few. but will they do that if and when they run for president? that's the key. thank you, jonathan capehart, and thank you, michael tomasky. it was a great week to have you on. it wasn't good for the working people. it's been good for the people trying to torque the system the other way. coming up, look who is searching for single women, i mean this politically. the democratic party. it's doing everything it can to find them, because when single women vote, you got it, the dems win. also, the conservative clown car is careening off the highway. one tea party this week attended a cockfighting event. plus, it's possible no community has had more "hardball" sideshow appearances than the great david letterman. tonight a look back at some of dave's best political moments as he has announced his retirement. finally, let me finish tonight with the fact that the
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republican party was the party of abraham lincoln, right through and up to until the mid 1960s, as recently as that. and this is "hardball," the place for politics. @├▒
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folks, a low minimum wage is one of the reasons why women in america make only 77 cents on a dollar that every man makes. >> it is time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a "madmen" episode. this year, let's all come together, congress, the white house, businesses from wall street to main street to give every woman the opportunity she deserves because i believe when women succeed, america succeeds. >> welcome back to "hardball." as you saw in that clip, the democrats, including president obama and vice president biden have made women's issues the
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cornerstone of their 2014 agenda politically. but look a little closer. issues like raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would actually benefit single women more than any other group. that's single women. and here is why that matters. as "the washington post" reports just today, democrats are doing, quote, everything they can to get single women to the polls this november as the party looks to avoid disaster in the upcoming midterm elections. and i mean everything, from pushing issues like minimum wage, as i said, and paycheck fairness to using computer algorithms, there is a word i didn't think i would use on television, to find out where the single women live. they're trying to locate them. the democratic congressional campaign committee is building a national computer model to predict voters' marital status, with hopes of targeting what may be the party's most important demographic group, unmarried women. single women could spell the difference between making gains in the house and losing control of the senate come november.
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democrats dominate that demographic. look at the 2012 presidential election returns. president obama won -- these numbers are really unbelievable. 67%, 2/3 of all single women voted for the president compared to romney's 31%. 36-point margin there. its same group that delivered last year's virginia governors race for terry mcauliffe who would have been soundly defeated if he hadn't capture adam an innocent margin over challenger ken cuccinelli. and i know where the single women live, northern virginia, the eighth district and the tenth. right across the river from here. and there is 2016 coming up, which we'll get to in a minute. susan milligan is a contributing editor with u.s. news and world record, and ed rendell is an msnbc analyst and former governor of pennsylvania. we have to start with you, susan. the single women, i always thought it's not about abortion rights. it's about health care. it's about everything they need. it's about getting a decent job at getting a decent pay. >> absolutely. >> because you got to live with one paycheck. it's the simple math. >> that's true. it's the paycheck. its wage fairness that here we are in 2014 and there is still this huge wage differential.
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but i think the birth control is also a big issue because that is an economic issue. you can't control the size and timing of your family, you don't really have any economic freedom. and i think that this is a very smart thing for democrats to do. >> single women are concerned about birth control. >> of course they are. >> as much as anybody. and it's not just abortion rights. it's birth control is part of your health insurance. >> and that's where i think a lot of disconnect is, is there are a lot of people in government who are running for office who don't see birth control as fundamental health care. >> why would a guy running for governor for a national state, why would he -- let me go to the governor on this. what do you make of a guy running for governor of a major state like virginia which is a national state now. it's not a regional state, and saying i'm against birth control. i don't get it. i think single women must look at him like he is from mars or something. >> no question. and i think it's just a case of being obsessed with the base, the far right side of the party. and it's an issue that i don't even think resonates that well
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with those voters. it makes absolutely no sense. but do you think it makes sense in michigan for a so-called moderate governor to sign a bill, chris, that says you have to have rape insurance or your health care plan won't pay forfeit you're raped? won't pay for an abortion? it makes no sense. republicans are doing things to make you think that they're trying to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. >> yeah, this november. let's take a look at how some republican women talk to other women about these issues. first up, this is an audio of a republican state representative. her name is andrea kiefer warning her female colleague just last month that pushing the issue of paycheck fairness makes them look like, and this is her word, whiners. let's listen. >> we are losing the respect that we so dearly want in the workplace by bringing up all these special bills for women and almost making us look like whiners. >> well, less than a week later, the head of the texas republican party beth cubriel told women to
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give up. give up their battle force equal bay. >> men are better negotiators. and i would encourage women instead of pursuing the courts for action to become better negotiators. >> i think you can do both anyway. and on monday, conservative commentator mona sharon told women the best way for women to empower themselves is to get married. well, why didn't they think of that. let's listen. what a joke. here she is. >> i regard feminism as having been very badly misguided on most of the important things conducive to human happiness. married women are healthier, happier and more productive than single women. married couples accumulate more wealth and volunteer more in their communities than singles do. if we truly want women to thrive, we have to revive the marriage norm. that.
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>> is one of the most amazing statements i've ever -- governor, you may not want to get in on this. but i don't know what to say about reviving the marriage norm. i mean, you can say taller people are happier than short people. so get tall. how are you supposed to find the guy that you haven't found if you're looking for the guy. >> you're looking for the guy. >> you're looking for the guy. you haven't found him. but you're going to get him because mona charen says that's the smart way to increase your income. >> yeah, that's pretty offensive putting a monetary value on marriage. and the reality is 30 years ago a woman had to be married for sex, for children, for financial security, standing in the community. you don't need to be married for any of those things anymore. >> and you also couldn't walk in those days. if you wanted to walk, you couldn't. >> you could -- you know, that's why i think women are waiting now to get married. and the reality is they seem to think if they do better among married women, if women just get married, they'll get more republican voters, whereas the democrats are being more smart
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about it and trying to address the concerns that single women have. look, the reality is the narrative in campaigns for both republicans and democrats have been so family-focused for so long, whether it's family values or working families, or whatever, and that's going to change as there are more and more single people, particularly single women in the electorate. up next, some of david letterman's best political moments in the side show. >> number nine? >> what's up, gangstas. >> number five, confused stare. [ garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there, but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics.
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you really like what you do? >> yeah, by and large, i do, sure, i do. i like it from 5:30 to 6:30 when we tape the show. everything else i'm not crazy about, you know. >> wow, that was dave letterman
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in his early days opening up to jane pauley back in 1984. well, from his beginnings on television as a local weatherman out in indiana, believe it or not, to his prolific 34-year career as a late-night comedian which started on nbc, of course, dave letterman has announced he is set to retire. he just did it, next year. here is how he broke the news last night. >> it's been great. you've been great. the network has been great. but i'm retiring. i just want to reiterate my thanks for the support from the network, all the people who have worked here, all of the people in the theater, all the people on the staff, everybody at home, thank you very much. and what this means now is that paul and i can be married. >> of course, letterman wouldn't be letterman without his trademark top ten list. here is a look back at some of our favorite political moments from those over the years.
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>> to keep the budget balanced, i'll rent the situation room for sweet 16s. >> hey, that's a nice idea. number eight. >> i'm the guy in the photo that comes with your picture frame. >> that's right. that's where i have seen him. number four. >> thanks to corporate sponsorship, majority whip now known as miracle whip. >> number five, first day in office, my mother's face goes up on mt. rushmore. >> wow, look there! >> and the number one sign barack obama is overconfident, been cruising for chicks with john edwards. >> of course, when it came to politics, one of letterman's favorite targets is chris christie, who he has relentlessly parodied in some over-the-top videos. despite the lapses at his expense, the new jersey governor famously got in on the joke with a little self-parody when he joined letterman in february of last year. >> i've made jokes about you, not just one or two. not just ongoing here and there, intermittent, but -- [ laughter ]
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>> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> as they say, all good things must come to an end. but we're certainly going to miss david letterman. coming up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. 
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what kind of person is responsible for taking someone from this look, to this look? a retail buyer who knows his brand as well as jimmy webb does. we'll find out how jimmy does it. coming up next on "your business." small businesses are revitalizing the economy, and american express open is here to help. that's why we are proud to present "your business" on msnbc.


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